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Saturday, May 26, 2012

random awesomeee

Jap jap!!

kenai ag x ni..hehehehe..berkulat dh page ni..

Salam 2012, Salam Rejab.. :))

2011 didnt end well for me.. i somehow "lost a friend" and another "friend" get lost too =P.. and im expecting 2012 to behave better. But it seems like 2012 didnt welcome me that much. Early this year, ya, somethng really good friend got married and of course, us yg x kawin lg ni mesti mcm

" uuuu...bestnye kawin, nak kawin!nak kawin!!!!.."

Gambar hiasan : credit to Jihan Meghaa.. sape2 rase nak cincin kawin bersalut epal cm ni boleh laa hire die as photographer :P :P :P

isnt that normal? not because they were desperate or what not (hahahahahaha!mmg saje nk protes ni) it just that, u can see ur friend sgt happy mengawin, and u think u need that happiness too.. tak ke? haha. bencilahhh! sbb xpuas ati ade org kate aku desperate nak kawin. ape ke..sekeh kang.. sape xnk kawin mude..... nanti xde laa anak ngn mak macam nenek dan cucu kn.. ish!! **dush3x

Kalau ade jodoh xkemana..

yer, skrg sgt pecaya pepatah ni.. know what? even when everyone else setuju pon, tetapi kte xde jodoh ngn die.. you wont get married. whether you like it or not. That is what exactly happened to me. hah! kn......? =)

A single lie discovered is enough to create contagious doubt over every other truth expressed. but how about you are being truthful or easier said SINCERE??? Isnt that a good thing? and why on earth people can simply misjudge that?? ntah hape hape kan tu?? *ugh. berterus terang pon salah..

patut ke??? 

But, things happen for a reason. Setiap yg berlaku ade hikmahnya.. and i can really appreciate the hikmah right now.. jiwa dan hati sgt tenang setelah benda2 yg sepatutnye membahagiakn telah menyerabutkan diri dan otak..dah hilang. and ternyata ALLAH did answer my prayers quite fast this time.. Thank You Allah.. Alhamdulillah..

we may love the wrong person, or cry for wrong reasons, but for sure, mistakes help us to find the right person.. insyaallah..

p/s : Just when you think you know people, they disappoint you in ways you never thought they could. True story.

Be more responsible. Can you?

Nak kasi campur aduk sket boleh? dh penat perli.. =PP

this is my 1st entry of this year. dasyatkn? better xyah ade blog kalau cmtu..had been busy handling feelings....., eh? =) ....handling patients, coping with situations and mengarut and mengarut..hehehehe.. here come the chronology of 2012...

Blossom January

                                                                        izza's birthday <3

aizan's birthday and wedding :))

the bridemaids

wedding at subang

The special February

hangouts with sayangs

Hari lahir sayalahhhh =)

celebrated by them..tankyu guys!

bobby nak masuk camera ye :P

muke aku! bob nyorok! andi nak tinggi! bju pink ! wiki wat ape? ahahahaha.
fakhri je ok.hehe

te quiero mucho, march

1st time menjejakkn kaki ke langkawi..

mari tgk tommy jd burung belatuk..ahhahahahahha!

april, with lots of f**l!!!

jumpa baby comel, izz shahzad :)

Sushi king with dekten

CFCS day..


may maniac
the very 1st teacher's day celebration in dental school usm by final year student for our beloved doctors..

that’s all folks =))

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