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Thursday, March 24, 2011

:: will it be just fine...? ::

i keep on blaming myself for the desicion that i've made.
and it was So bad it hurts inside

u have  strong reason refusing my phone calls,
as u may be the one that hurt most at all cost.

i want u to know that it wasnt easy for me either,
of what we've been through, i still remember ,

When we were still together,
I truly loved you,
but what’s happening right now,
I guess we are through,
it’s really hard for me,
to get off with you.
but I know this might be good
for both me and you.

I have my reasons why I wanted it out,
I have my reasons why I choose to let you go
I have my reasons but I am not able to explain anymore

p/s : there are 4 things you cannot recover in life: the stone after its thrown. 
the word after its said. 
the occasion after its missed. the time after its gone.

maybe, ini langkah yang harus aku jejak,
mungkin, ini jalan yang harus aku pilih,

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